Lunch and Learn– Building Resilience for Project Managers

As a Project Manager, we need to be able to juggle many priorities and effectively respond to stress. These priorities and stress come from all aspects of our lives: family, friends, personal and professional. To handle them all, we need to be Resilient! 

Resilience is a personal quality which draws on the wisdom found in religion and philosophy, as well as behavioral science. A presentation by Dr. Ian MacVicar will explain the roles of the brain in processing information, dealing with stress; and the concept of neuroplasticity, i.e. the ability of the brain to repair itself.

The symptoms of burnout and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be described, as well as a history of their treatment, with a view to identifying “who is vulnerable?” and what can be done to mitigate the negative effects of stress on individuals and within organizations. The presentation will be grounded with a personal description of Dr. MacVicar’s acquaintance with resilience, followed by several case studies from the rich literature found in war, politics, and business. His presentation concludes with practical resilience building strategies that we can hopefully learn from and put into practice as project managers.

Presenter: Ian MacVicar, CD, DSS, MDS, MA Intl Affairs, BA (Hon.), BA, pcsc, plsc

Venue: Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen Street, Halifax, NS

Date: 23 May 2018

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