PD Summit offers a range of topics focused on Professional Development to develop our region's top ICT talent. From management principles to organizational change and technology best practices, PD Summit is a great program filled with practical information you can take to work. We believe that investing in talent today, will empower them for tomorrow!

Hfx Partnership

The Halifax Partnership is Halifax’s public-private economic development organization. The Partnership drives and accelerates economic growth by selling and marketing Halifax to the world, helping businesses reach their full potential and tracking Halifax’s economic progress. The Partnership’s network of influential and globally connected partners are committed to building a thriving, prosperous Halifax.


Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs, in use by over 2,000 Canadian organizations. Their team is continually sourcing exclusive, high value offers, rewards and benefits. To deliver on these high value, exclusive-offers and preferred pricing deals, Perkopolis has partnered directly with North America’s top entertainment, travel, shopping and lifestyle brands. Perkopolis offers are exclusive and available only to the members of our partner organizations.