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Fahad Alruhayem - A Journey Through the Global Project Management Forum in Riyadh 2023.

Unveiling the GPMF:

The GPMF stands as one of the most prominent events in the project management community. Organised by renowned experts and industry leaders, the forum aims to foster collaborative learning, facilitate innovation, and share best practices in project management.


Diverse Attendees, Global Unity:

GPMF witnessed an overwhelming presence of professionals, with a staggering number of attendees converging in Riyadh. Over 3,000 participants from various countries and diverse industries graced the event, emphasising the growing significance of project management in the international arena. From seasoned project managers to aspiring newcomers, the attendees’ diversity mirrored the universal nature of project management itself.


GPMF Highlights:

One of the standout sessions included a keynote address by a visionary project manager who shared their insights on harnessing innovation and creativity to surmount contemporary challenges. Another fascinating aspect were the interactive case studies that showcased real-world project management success stories, fostering a spirit of learning from each other’s achievements and failures.

One of the masterclasses that I found very interesting was titled “Unlocking the Future of Your PMO with the Next-Generation PMO Value Scorecard Approach" led by Americo Pinto, PMO Global Alliance CEO and Founder. The insights shared by Americo Pinto were nothing short of exceptional. As a pioneering figure in the project management industry, his expertise and vision illuminated the path towards achieving organisational excellence through agile and adaptive PMOs. Another masterclass that I found fascinating was titled “The Pillers for Organisational Excellence” led jointly by Dr. Al Zeitoun and Dr. Ricardo Vargas. They have shared great insights on how engaging people while utilising technology can create a culture that will drive the organisation towards prosperity and excellence.

The forum itself boasted an array of captivating sessions, making it a challenge to choose where to invest my time. One particular panel discussion that stood out to me was titled “Leading and Managing Innovation Projects.” The session featured industry experts sharing their various experiences in cultivating innovation within project management. The panellists explored ways to foster a culture of creativity, enabling organisations to stay at the forefront of their respective industries.



My participation in the GPMF was an unforgettable experience that broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of project management’s global significance. Witnessing thousands of professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures come together to share their experience and passion was awe-inspiring!

GPMF has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on my professional journey, reminding me of the transformative power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the realm of project management. From unlocking the future of PMOs to embracing digital transformation, the masterclasses were a treasure trove of knowledge. As I bid farewell to my beloved Kingdom, I carry with me not only the lessons learned but also the excitement of anticipating the next edition of this exceptional event, where the world of project management will once again unite to conquer new frontiers.



For more information about the Global Project Management Forum (GPMF), please visit: www.gpmf.sa



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