ProjectBites LIVE! Virtual Steer the Wheel of Change and Analyzing Project Political Landscape

Power Skills

Steer the Wheel of Change: Adaptive Leadership for Project Managers
Christine Aykac

Adaptive leadership is a crucial aspect of effective project management. It involves the ability to anticipate potential challenges, respond quickly to unexpected developments, and navigate through uncertainty with ease. It requires a proactive approach to problem-solving and the ability to embrace change rather than resist it.
The Adaptive Leadership session is inspired by the Future of the Work 2023 report from the World Economic Forum. This transformative session aims to equip you with the knowledge to develop an adaptive mindset and attitude. The session will discuss Adaptive Leadership from three perspectives: Leader (Me), Team (We), and Organization (Us). This approach provides holistic insight into the Adaptive Leadership Framework, enabling leaders at all levels to create an agile environment for themselves, their team members, and their organizations.

Analyzing Project Political Landscape: Swimming with Sharks without Being Eaten Alive.
Vijay Verma
Most project managers have enormous responsibility but limited authority. Successful project managers must understand the dynamics of power and politics and the importance of managing stakeholders through leadership and influence.

The following are a few facts about politics in project environments:

  • Politics are inevitable in project environments whether you like it or not.
  • Ignoring the politics surrounding your projects can be detrimental to your project success.
  • Analyzing your political landscape is essential to identify positions of your stakeholders.
  • Stop being naïve and learn to become political sensible to deal with sharks.

So, What Should You Do?
This session focuses on analyzing your political landscape to navigate organizational politics effectively. Project managers must analyze the political landscape in their organizations to identify three political positions (Naïves, Sharks, and Politically Sensibles).
You will understand the important keywords for positive and negative politics, identify three political positions, and increase your leadership effectiveness. You will learn how to stop being naïve, protect yourself from “sharks,” learn to be politically sensible, and convert your adversaries and opponents into allies. You will learn many practical tips to become politically sensible and create a climate of more collaboration, teamwork, synergy, commitment, and motivation for getting things done and leading people to their peak performance by using the art of positive politics and minimizing the negative impact of politics.

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