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Elevate, Thrive, Lead: Self Care for PM’s, Leaders and Professionals - Amber McMillan

Unlock the secrets to peak performance and resilient leadership by learning practical strategies for self-care and discover the transformative impact of prioritizing well-being on both personal and professional success. This talk aims to shed light on the crucial role self-care plays in sustaining peak performance, fostering resilience, and ultimately, enhancing leadership effectiveness.


Choosing The Right Amount of Iteration for Any Project:  A Value-Maximizing Approach - Mike Hannon

The 2-week sprint has become a default in the Agile/Scrum world, while in other environments–such as the build phase of a construction project–we would never want to iterate more than once.  When might it be a higher-value option to be more intentional about the number of iterations?  When might it make sense to flex the duration of some iterations?  This session offers a few useful rules of thumb to answer these questions in a manner that maximizes the value to be harvested, and goes further with an actual formula you can use to calculate when it makes sense to iterate further–and when it doesn’t.


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