The PD Summit offers a range of topics focused on professional development to develop our region's top ICT talent. From management principles to organizational change and technology best practices, PD Summit is a great program filled with practical information you can take to work. We believe that investing in talent today will empower them for tomorrow!
You count on us to power every moment of every day, and have for over a century. As we adapt and innovate to serve you and the environment better, the heart of what we do remains the same: safely make and deliver the energy you depend on every day.

ProjectBites is owned and operated by Solutions Network Ltd. / David Barrett out of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. David’s goal is to educate and inspire project managers to be great at what they do by bringing together professionals from around the world, through this site, to contribute their talents, knowledge and experience to help each other.  Microlearning is for project managers at all levels.



The NSCC Foundation is dedicated to helping students in financial need and improving access to education. Through philanthropy, sponsorship, and advocacy, we help NSCC fulfill its mission to build Nova Scotia's economy and quality of life through education and innovation.With the support of our generous donors, partners, and sponsors, we are helping to propel Nova Scotia forward. Your donations directly support student aid and learning.





Nova Scotia Community College is a Canadian community college serving the province of Nova Scotia through a network of 14 campuses and three community learning centres. The college delivers over 130 programs in five academic schools: Access, Education, and Language; Business and Creative Industries; Health & Human Services; Technology and Environment; and Trades and Transportation. They reflect the labour market needs and opportunities in Nova Scotia. NSCC includes four specialized institutes: the Nautical Institute, the School of Fisheries, the Aviation Institute and the Centre of Geographical Sciences. Educating over 20,000 students a year (full-time and part-time combined), NSCC provides the majority of technical and apprenticeship training in Nova Scotia.