Q) How do I become a Project Management Institute (PMI) Global member?

A) Visit the PMI Global Membership page and click on Join PMI.

Q) How do I become a member of PMI Nova Scotia (PMINS) Chapter?

A) Visit the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter’s page on PMI Global and click on Join Chapter.

Q) How do I check to see if I am currently a member of PMI Global and/ or the Nova Scotia chapter?

A) Your PMI Global and PMI Nova Scotia memberships expire on the last day of the same month. You may login to and see your expiry date under the My PMI section.

Q) What are the PMI Global membership fees?

A) PMI Global offers the following membership plans:
     General Membership: US$ 129/ year plus a one time US$10 application fee
     Student Membership: US$ 32/ year
     Retiree Membership: US$ 65/ year
Visit the PMI Global Membership page for further details.

Q) What are the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter membership fees?

A) The Chapter's membership fee is US$ 30/ year. There is no Chapter membership fee for student members.

Q) How do I update details such as my email address, telephone number, employer, job title, etc.?

A) To update any information, including your password, you must log in to and update the data in the myPMI > Profile section.

Q) Do I need to be a PMI Global or PMI Nova Scotia Chapter member to be able to attend Chapter events?

A) Most PMINS Chapter events can be attended by members and non-members. However, members do have the advantage of discounted pricing and early registration on some Chapter events.

Q) Can I be a PMI Nova Scotia member without being a PMI Global member?

A) A PMI Global membership is required before a PMI Nova Scotia Chapter membership can be purchased

Q) Why should I join the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter?

A) The PMI Nova Scotia Chapter provides a number of benefits to its members. Visit our Membership page for further details.

Q) How long is my membership cycle?

A) PMI membership is valid for one year from the date of your membership activation. You may renew your membership as early as 90 days prior to your expiration date.

Q) What happens if I do not renew my membership on time?

A) If you do not renew your membership by your expiration date, your membership will expire. You will no longer have access to your membership benefits or your chapter membership. The membership automatic renewal feature ensures continuous access to your membership benefits without interruption.

Q) When do I need to renew my membership?

A) You may renew your PMI membership as early as 90 days prior to your expiration date. Membership renewal is based on the original join date.

Q) How do I renew my membership?

A) Log on to and go to your myPMI profile. From your myPMI profile, you may access your dashboard to renew your PMI and Chapter memberships.

Q) When I purchase a Chapter membership, can I login to the Chapter website immediately?

A) It can take up to 72 hours for your access to be activated in order to login to the Chapter website.


Q) How do I volunteer with the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter?

A) Visit our Volunteer page for details.

Q) Do I need to be a member to volunteer with PMI Nova Scotia?

A) While all our volunteer opportunities are open to members, there are some that are open to non-members as well.


Q) How do I receive updates from the Chapter on upcoming events?

A) Members and non-members may subscribe to our distribution list to stay up to date on Chapter events and news. You may subscribe at the Stay Informed section on our home page.

Q) What events does the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter have planned for this year?

A) Our Event Listing page lists all events that have been planned for this year.

Q) Can I speak at an event?

A) Please fill out our Speaker Submission Form and someone from our Volunteer Team will be in touch with you.  You can earn PDUs for speaking!

Q) I've registered for a virtual event. Where do I find the virtual details?

You will receive an email upon registration with the Zoom details.  If you are a member, go to \\\\\\\"My Calendar\\\\\\\" and click on the event itself and your details will be found there as well.

Q) My event was cancelled, will I be refunded?

If your event was cancelled, the team will endeavor to reschedule.  However, if there was a fee for the event, you may request a refund before the date of rescheduled event.  Please send a request to  If no reschedule is planned, you will automatically be refunded.  

Q) My virtual event was rescheduled, what are the new details?

The Zoom details will remain the same.  If you are a member, log in and go to My Calendar and click on the event.  You will find the details there.  As a non-member, please refer to your original email with the details.  Although reschedules are rare, consider keeping that email until the event has taken place.

Q) What is the PDU Claim Code?

At this time, we are not issuing PDU Claim Codes.  You can choose "Courses & Training" through to claim your PDUs.  Please ensure you have attended the event in the event you are audited.

Q) I've sent an email to, how long will it take to receive a response?

All members of PMINS are volunteers.  We will endeavor to respond to your email within 5-7 business days.  Please ensure the content in your email is specific and that you've reviewed the FAQs.


Q) Does my PMI certification have an expiry date?

A) Most PMI certifications are valid for three years. Depending on your certification, you’ll earn either 30 or 60 PDUs per three-year certification cycle. Please review the Maintain Your Certification information on the PMI website for more details. If you hold the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification, you’ll need to retake the exam before the end of your five-year certification cycle. No PDUs are necessary for the CAPM re-certification.

Q) Do PDUs have to be claimed by the hour? I was at an event for 2 hours and 15 minutes, do I round it off to the nearest hour?

A) PDUs can be submitted in increments of 15 minutes. 2 hours and 15 minutes would be 2.25 hours.

Q) How do I get PDUs automatically updated when attend PMI Nova Scotia events?

PDUs are not automatically updated when you attend PMI Nova Scotia events. You have to log into your PMI account and claim your PDU under the appropriate section.


Q) How do I earn a PMI certification?

A) There are 4 broad steps to earn a PMI certification:
     1) Fulfill eligibility criteria
     2) Complete application
     3) Application review
     4) Payment
     5) Schedule test appointment
     6) Appear for the test

Q) I don't have the qualifications to sit for the PMP exam. What are my options?

A) Join the PMI Nova Scotia Chapter to gain access to project management experience across the project lifecycle, along with discounted courses, materials and exams to prepare for the PMP. You may also sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) qualification enroute to the PMP.>

Q) Do I have to be a member to apply for a PMI certification?

A) No. PMI membership is separate from PMI certifications. However, as a PMI member, you will have access to many benefits including discounts on your certification exam fee as well as discounts on professional development opportunities to help with maintenance of your certification(s).

Q) How do I schedule the test?

A) PMI exams are scheduled through the accredited exam provider, Pearson Vue. Once PMI finds you eligible for the exam, you will receive exam schedule instructions to schedule your exam appointment.

Q) What courses qualify for the project management education requirements for certification?

A) Courses must be consistent with PMI's Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMI Nova Scotia Study Group courses will qualify, along with other approved education providers.

PMP/CAPM Study Group

Q) How long does it take for membership application to be processed to allow me obtain member discount for the study group?

A) It can take between 24 hours to 5 working days for your PMI Membership registration to be replicated to the local chapter database allowing you to login and obtain the member rate. What this means is that if you complete your membership registration with PMI today, give about 24 hours for replication before attempting to login to register for the study group. If you are still unable to login please try again in a day or two. If you are still not able to login after 5 business days, please contact the Chapter for assistance. Please include a copy of your paid chapter membership attached to the initial query to allow for validation.

PMI NS Mentorship Program

Q) What is Project Management Mentoring?

A) Project Management Mentoring is the act of helping others improve their project management skills. Mentors are facilitators and catalysts in a process of discovery and insight. In a learning partnership, the Mentor’s role is to ‘guide on the side’ rather than be ‘the expert with the answers’. The Protégé is responsible for setting priorities and learnings, and becomes increasingly self-directed.

Q) Who is eligible to be a Protégé or a Mentor?

A) PMI NS members in good standing. Typically, a Protégé is a person employed as or seeking a role of a project manager, business analyst or program manager and is looking to advance his/her career. On the other hand, a Mentor will be: considered a senior project manager by his/her peers; and have a minimum of 4 years of experience as a project manager or in a project related role.

Q) How much time is required by the Mentor and the Protégé?

A) The Mentor and Protégé will spend a minimum of 2 hours, and ideally no more than 6 hours together per month. This can be face to face or via virtual means. Additional Mentor time may be required to follow up with suggestions and information provided by the Protégé.

Q) How long is the program?

A) The Mentor/ Protégé partnership will last approximately nine months.

Q) How do I apply to the program?

A) Persons interested in the mentorship program need to complete the following steps:
1. Complete the appropriate application as per published submission deadlines 
2. Attend the Meet and Greet session (if you are located in or willing to travel to Halifax) to commence the Mentor / Protégé relationship
3. Sign a Mentoring Agreement with mentoring partner (protégé or mentor) prior to starting the mentorship journey

Q) Are only professionals from specific industries allowed to participate?

A) All industries are welcome.

Q) Why is there a meet & greet session?

A) Best practices indicate a successful Mentoring program is based on an opportunity to (a) provide guidelines and set-up expectations for Mentors and Protégés; and (b) meet a prospective mentor/protégé in a social setting prior to the start of the program.

Q) Should I apply to be a Mentor or a Protégé?

A) You are welcome to apply for both roles! Based on the applications received, the Mentoring Committee will recommend the best matches. You may be matched with a Mentor and/or a Protégé depending on the number and types of applications received.

Q) What if I am not accepted for this upcoming session?

A) There can be a number of reasons why we cannot accommodate all applicants for a particular session, including having too many applicants. Applicants who are not part of this program will receive information about future mentoring programs and are welcome and encouraged to apply again.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) The cost of participation is free to PMI Nova Scotia members.

Still have Questions?

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